• Butet


    Butet. La Haute Sellerie, since 1986.

    Welcome to Saumur, France. Home of the French Ecole Nationale d’Equitation (National Riding School).

    Butet is the top-of-the-range saddler which meets the demands of riders who love beautiful riding. For over 30 years, our minimalist, elegant, saddles, with an unequalled finish, have been appealing to riders looking for harmony. An achievement accomplished in France, in our bright workshops in Saumur. Butet has been awarded the prestigious French Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label and embodies its “horse-rider” philosophy every day, which epitomises lightness, close contact and a way of riding and being with a horse which reflects an entire lifestyle: harmonious.

  • The Workshop

    A timeless promise

    The hands which make the 90 parts of each saddle and find the way to always being better every day are guided by patience and refinement.

    In addition to the close contact provided by a Butet saddle, there is the pleasure of exceptional leather. Our saddles bearing our saffron and chocolate colours provide the fastest and finest means to the timeless promise of beautiful riding.